The first major bummer.

Sorry for the delay of postings! It has been a hard week, but it is looking up in a big way. Last week around Thursday I came down with a little stomach bug and fever. I felt worse and worse and had a pretty sick weekend! I always feel homesick when I am sick, so the weekend was a little rough. On Sunday, I decided to ride my bicycle to our Fantasy Football draft in the French Concession. I was still feeling pretty sick, but still had a nice time completing the draft. However, when I came out of the bar, my bicycle had been stolen! We were in a popular area, around 1 in the afternoon and the bike was directly out in front of the building. I was really surprised, and also sad. It was a nice giant bike, and a little expensive. I learned my lesson, so behold the upgrade:


This cost me $60. This one won’t hurt so bad when it is stolen. Now I am greatly looking forward to a weekend of not being sick!


2 thoughts on “The first major bummer.

  1. Maria Hanson says:

    Well that sucks. I’m sorry about your bike and the flu. The whole family misses you tons but we are excited and happy for your adventure! Maria

  2. Aunt Deb says:

    Oh Jason,
    So sorry for your tough several days. Hope your tummy is doing better. Take good care!!
    Your new bike looks like it will work fine. Did you buy a chain and lock as well?:)
    Love to you and Angela. You are in our prayers.
    Aunt Deb

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