Angela here and sorry I’ve been MIA!  Not much new happening here but things are going great!  I’ve been waking up very early to go swimming at school.  It’s nice to drag myself out of bed and jump, bike to school, and jump in cold water….no really it’s fun!  Tonight Jason and I are meeting up with a friend of his from high school!  It’s crazy how small the world is.  This week, I told myself I’d be better about cooking at home which turns out has been a failure!  Monday and Wednesday we had plans!  Tuesday we had leftovers—Wait I ate the leftovers, Jason had PB&J!  That leaves me tomorrow.  It’s so different cooking here.  Going to the grocery store is a chore and then after all that work you have to cook….but thankfully I can have my groceries delivered! That’s right!    I haven’t gotten to that point yet but I’m thinking it will be worth it!

Below are a few pictures from my phone!  China win:  having convenient Gum packets!  China fail:  Said gum comes in a green package (I think mint)  turns out it’s flower-ish!  Oh well!


One thought on “Potpourri

  1. Liz Fritz says:

    The US must have good gum…It is the one thing I ALWAYS have to send my german exchange daughter…thinking of you!

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