The first major bummer.

Sorry for the delay of postings! It has been a hard week, but it is looking up in a big way. Last week around Thursday I came down with a little stomach bug and fever. I felt worse and worse and had a pretty sick weekend! I always feel homesick when I am sick, so the weekend was a little rough. On Sunday, I decided to ride my bicycle to our Fantasy Football draft in the French Concession. I was still feeling pretty sick, but still had a nice time completing the draft. However, when I came out of the bar, my bicycle had been stolen! We were in a popular area, around 1 in the afternoon and the bike was directly out in front of the building. I was really surprised, and also sad. It was a nice giant bike, and a little expensive. I learned my lesson, so behold the upgrade:


This cost me $60. This one won’t hurt so bad when it is stolen. Now I am greatly looking forward to a weekend of not being sick!