Chiang Mai part 1

We have been in Chiang Mai since December 21 and have one full day left until heading south to the beach. I will keep this brief as I know Jason will blog in more detail later! Sunday and Monday were spent exploring the city, markets, and temples! We threw in a few massages and even splurged for a fish pedicure! On Tuesday we took a cooking class which took us out of the city! Christmas Eve was spent listening to live music and chatting with a 64 year old Brit spending his holiday in the city! Today (Christmas) we went on a horrendous hike and mountain bike trip in Chiang Mai’s Doi Suthrep national park! We’ve had a fun and relaxing time so far and head to Bangkok on Friday! Wishing Everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!






3 thoughts on “Chiang Mai part 1

  1. Dave says:

    A last minute Merry Christmas to you guys — according to my computer you’re almost into Thursday. It’s fun to hear of all your adventures but I’m hoping to hear a little more detail about that ‘horrendous’ hiking/cycling trip! Google street-view maps shows the paved road into the national park and it was fun to scroll along that. I saw many scooters, a few cars and tour buses, and one solitary cyclist.

    love, Dave

  2. Aunt Deb says:

    Hey you two. A hike on Christmas Morning?? Better you than me but it sounds like you are having fun. Merry Christmas and tons of love sent your way from us.
    Aunt Deb and Stan

  3. Audrey Hinds says:

    Do not know if this gets to you! Hope that you both have a fantastic time. We are thinking of you and praying that all goes well. Merry, Merry Christmas to both of you. Love you, G. Audrey and G. Buck

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