Concerts and Holiday Party!

We’ve done it!  We’ve survived our 1st semester of international teaching!  *Side-note: Jason still has 2 concerts this week*  Otherwise we’re done!   I had my concerts last week on Tuesday and Thursday and they were a huge hit!  Parents, teachers, and administrators loved them!  Besides the fact that we’re awesome, my co-worker and I think that our concerts went so well because we both come from being band directors and know how to run things!  The kids were also really cute! It did make for a long week.  Monday and Tuesday were spent rehearsing 2nd and 3rd graders with a full dress rehearsal and concert on Tuesday night.  Wednesday and Thursday we did the same thing all over again with 4th and 5th grade.  I also received 2 huge flower arrangements.  The packaging is a little crazy!

IMG_1820 IMG_1806 IMG_1822

After a relaxing Friday, we had the staff party on Saturday evening.  Jason spent his afternoon playing with the community jazz band, while I got pretty for the party!  I got my hair done at the local pedestrian street.  My friend Boramy and I tried a new salon based on the recommendation of a co-worker.  There appeared to be only 1 stylist and 15 assistants who would either wash/dry your hair or just stand and watch you.  The poor lady actually doing hair was extra busy.   My hair didn’t turn out anything like the picture but it did have 3/4 a bottle of hairspray! Next time I’ll just do my own hair!

IMG_1835 IMG_1840

After getting ready with Boramy, Jason and Ian came over to ride the “carriage” aka bus to the ball. It was very much like adult prom!


The ball was held at Cool Docks which is a collection of fancy restaurants shops right on the water near downtown.  You have a nice view of the Pearl Tower and WFC.  The party started with a walk down a blue carpet and a couples photo.  Drinks were free flowing and there was music and dancing.  We had to walk outside to get to dinner and it was a little chilly!

IMG_1873 IMG_1871 IMG_1867 IMG_1844

Dinner was medium.  It was a four course meal; however, the timing of serving the food was confusing.  I received my fish dinner before anyone else at my table.  Then about 15 min later vegetarian meals came out followed by the beef 15 min later.  Some people didn’t even get a meal until 10:00!  Yikes!  I can’t complain because it was free!  After dinner we socialized and moved back down stairs for some dancing.  The party ended at 10:30 and people parted ways.  Jason, myself and some others went to the JZ lounge where they have live salsa music!  It was fun, not smoky and had great music.  After about 30 minutes there we were tired and went home!  Overall it was a great week and weekend!   On Saturday we head to Thailand!


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