Four Iowans Abroad

Angela and I recently hosted two very special guests. Angela’s mother Cindy and her grandmother Marjorie visited us for two weeks. It was awesome! They are both very laid back people, and were a pleasure to have around. It also gave Angela and I a chance to do a few things that we had not yet accomplished in and around Shanghai.
Arriving at the Airport!

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Chiang Mai part 1

We have been in Chiang Mai since December 21 and have one full day left until heading south to the beach. I will keep this brief as I know Jason will blog in more detail later! Sunday and Monday were spent exploring the city, markets, and temples! We threw in a few massages and even splurged for a fish pedicure! On Tuesday we took a cooking class which took us out of the city! Christmas Eve was spent listening to live music and chatting with a 64 year old Brit spending his holiday in the city! Today (Christmas) we went on a horrendous hike and mountain bike trip in Chiang Mai’s Doi Suthrep national park! We’ve had a fun and relaxing time so far and head to Bangkok on Friday! Wishing Everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!





Nanjing Weekend!

It’s amazing what you can do in one weekend!   This weekend Jason and I traveled with some other friends to Nanjing, China!  Our travel group consisted of 8 people:  Kathy, Heather, Boramy, Kat, John, Catherine, Jason, and me!   We took the train from the Hongqiao Railway Station.  This was our first time to this train station and it was very easy to navigate although it looks confusing.   There was a minor security check that everyone was herded through, and then we just had to find our train number and platform.  We were running behind and nearly missed the train.    Our ride to Nanjing was very pleasant and comfortable and was only one hour and 45 minutes.


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