Good Morning!

For most that are reading this, it’s probably evening time, but for me its morning. Normally I’d be using this time to be working out but for some reason the heat and what not is too much.  Once school starts I will get back on it!   Anyways, in one week school will start for real!  Both Jason and I are excited and nervous about our new jobs but know once we get settled, we will do great!  Yesterday, the school took all the faculty on mini-tours of the city!  We were divided into 14 different teams!  My team took us to a sculpture garden as well as this cute little shopping place made in a brick alley! The whole staff ended up at the Shanghai Brewery for drinks and social time!    I will totally go back to both places when it’s cooler.  The heat is getting unbearable.  This morning at 6:30 it was 95!  The high today and for the rest of the week is around 103 and yes there is humidity…tons of it!   Our schedule for the rest of the week is pretty low-key.  Today and tomorrow is all meetings and classroom time!  Friday night there is a party for the entire school at the Ritz Carlton!   Check out those views!


5 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. David Staron says:

    How was the Beer and what a great classroom to teach in especially elementary music. What is Jason eating?PHA

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