Chinese New Year Celebrations

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Chinese New Year Celebrations have started!  Which means for us NO SCHOOL!   Recently Shanghai has been having some nice weather and pollution, so Jason and I decided to take advantage of it by going to brunch and walking around the French Concession and Bund last weekend.   Our brunch at La Cocina was delicious. We weren’t planning on going to La Cocina but it was a good choice!  Jason ordered the Eggs Benedict which was very rich and savory! IMG_2417 Defiantly a unique take on Benedict but still delicious!    I ordered the Croque Madam which came with a fresh salad.  The bread was amazing and the taste was rich, toasty and CHEESY!   After brunch we decided to stay in the French Concession area and search for some bike products for Jason!  After sucessfully finding bike grease, we decided to continue our Sunday stroll down to the bund.   We jumped on line 9 and took it all the way to the river!   Since the pollution was so low (AQI of 75)  the views of the skyline were amazing. IMG_2425

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Fall in Shanghai


Angela and I have both spent the past week teaching music and playing in the pit for our school musical. This weekend was the performance, so the week prior was what many musical enthusiasts refer to as ‘tech week’. We had to be present at rehearsal every day from 4pm to 8pm. That made for quite a long week. I played trombone, so my job was relatively easy. Angela played piano for the musical, which is the most important job, and likely the most difficult. She did a great job. The best part was the very beginning; Angela played three chimes to begin the overture. She misplaced her fingers, and played a rather hip alteration of a chord. That was my favorite part of the show. Here she is wearing a wig and playing the piano.


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ERA – Intersection of Time

The past week has been a long one. I always struggle a little bit when returning from a long break, and with the week off we just had, I almost forgot that I am living in China to work, not just travel and have fun. I don’t think that is very fair, but oh well. We started our week with a typhoon warning. I was expecting our building to eventually collapse, but the weather was not quite as destructive as I had imagined. We did end up with an incredible amount of rain on Monday and Tuesday, however. Our apartment is on the fifth floor, and so flooding is not something we ever have to worry about. My classroom at school is on the very top floor, so I assumed that I would not have to worry about that flooding either. I was very mistaken.

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Good Morning!

For most that are reading this, it’s probably evening time, but for me its morning. Normally I’d be using this time to be working out but for some reason the heat and what not is too much.  Once school starts I will get back on it!   Anyways, in one week school will start for real!  Both Jason and I are excited and nervous about our new jobs but know once we get settled, we will do great!  Yesterday, the school took all the faculty on mini-tours of the city!  We were divided into 14 different teams!  My team took us to a sculpture garden as well as this cute little shopping place made in a brick alley! The whole staff ended up at the Shanghai Brewery for drinks and social time!    I will totally go back to both places when it’s cooler.  The heat is getting unbearable.  This morning at 6:30 it was 95!  The high today and for the rest of the week is around 103 and yes there is humidity…tons of it!   Our schedule for the rest of the week is pretty low-key.  Today and tomorrow is all meetings and classroom time!  Friday night there is a party for the entire school at the Ritz Carlton!   Check out those views! Continue reading

Final Countdown

The final 2 weeks (or less) are here!    Since moving from New Hampton, Iowa Jason and I have gone to our respective childhood homes to unpack, repack, hang-out, relax, and freak out!   I was lucky to spend 2 weeks at our family cabin with my aunts, uncles, cousin, and Grandma.  I love going to the lake–it is my favorite part of summer!

Here we are celebrating my parent’s anniversary!    ImageImageFishing on the boat!

We were also able to spend some time with Jason’s side of the family!   We went on a bike ride around Okoboji!  Here are Jason, his dad, brother, and uncles mid-way through the ride!


This past weekend we ventured to Minneapolis to hang out with my family and our friend Joe.  We had a picnic around Lake Harriet, flew kites, grilled out, and had a great time!


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