Journey to the French Concession.

Today was the final day of new teacher orientation. Tomorrow we will be thrown in to the mix of the entire staff, and so we will have a lot of new teachers’ names to learn. I have met most of the music staff, and they are all beautiful people. I am very excited to work with all of them!

The administration in the middle school is very good about giving us time to get done what we need to. Angela is a little more occupied during the day, so today I did an important errand for our apartment. Angela is very good and found a woman who is moving back to the United States and needs to unload some of her belongings. She decided to buy some pots and pans and a drying rack from this woman, but the only catch is that she lives in the French Concession. I had no idea how to get there, so today I went with a new friend of mine who has lived in Shanghai for a year already to find this woman’s apartment. The trip took us a total of two hours. We took a long subway ride on the very clean subway. Well, it was clean until we witnessed a poor older man throw up all over it! There is an important emphasis on ‘saving face’ in China. In fact, I think one could assume that this saying may have stemmed from China (this is a big assumption on my part). I found it interesting when the man threw up, though all of the nearby riders quickly moved away, nobody drew any attention to him. I was a little queasy, though! After we arrived in the french concession, we had to walk for many blocks until we found her house. She is a freelance artist, and has been living in Shanghai for six years. We were successful in obtaining the goods and headed home. This evening we had a small outing with a few friends, and played ‘Cards Against Humanity’ afterwards. Glad to know people all over has sick senses of humor!


2 thoughts on “Journey to the French Concession.

  1. Audrey Hinds says:

    We will see if you receive my notes. I have been on the computer for so long that I have not done any work. Your Mom is planning on coming out and maybe your dad aslo, so I need to get some work accomplished. I just reread most of your writtings and enjoyed them the second time. You do not seem so far away when I read what the two of you have written. We are fine–been busy having fun! G. Buck is taking a nap and I would like too, but think that I had better get with it and think about dinner. Please, both of you keep up the blog as it is great to keep in touch with you. We love both of you,

    G. Audrey and G. Buck

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