Believe it or not, Jason and I actually have jobs here in Shanghai!  And due to these jobs, we are busy, well at least one of us!    Jason is always off doing something!   Since August he has been coaching cross country Monday, Tuesday, Thursday!  Thankfully, that just ended this last weekend!  Besides coaching, Jason is in a community Jazz band which rehearses on Tuesday nights. On Mondays Jason and I have been going to an ultimate frisbee league!   It’s been fun so far, besides getting yelled at by our ‘teammates’ and it’s great workout!  We’re on different teams so it’s allowed us to meet other people!  I’m not sure how I’ll feel when we have our games in late November….may be a bit chilly!

I am not as busy.  I’m required to do one weekly after school activity for the elementary school students.  My 1st activity was “world drumming”  unfortunately not too many kids signed up… ok 3 signed up and then 1 stopped coming  (in my defense it was at the same time as Rock climbing)!  Now that that’s over, I decided to switch it up   My next after school activity will be Garage Band/Music Technology!  I’m kind of excited about that!  I’m also the piano player for the High School Musical, so I’ve been busy practicing and rehearsing for the upcoming show!

Otherwise, we’ve been keeping it low key.  Last week our school had UN Day along with the International Food Fair.  On UN Day, students march around the school representing their home countries.  It was very neat to see traditional outfits and students dressed up so nice.  The Marching band led off the parade followed by a few traditional dances!  The event finished with all the elementary school students singing Dare to Dream!  On Saturday of the same weekend, the school hosted an International food fair!  There were probably 15 or so vendors selling food from various countries including: China, Netherlands, Korea, India, Japan, UK, and USA!  My favorite food was probably the Korean although it was all good!

After the food fair, we went to the Shanghai International Beer Festival and we can say a good time was had by all!

This week, Jason has been busy with the Dynamix music festival held at our school.  Saturday will be the last day for that and I’m sure he and the rest of the music staff will be thankful that it’s over!  I will be attending the staff Halloween party dressed as Carmen Sandiego!  Should be a good time!


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