October Review!

October was a whirlwind month for Jason and I. Thankfully we came back from October break rested and ready for the busy month ahead.  For me, October was the month I started my masters program.  The program is offered though SUNY (Southern University of New York). The classes are on campus at SCIS and online. The on campus classes are given over 2 weekends, which means 15 straight days at school. Thankfully, my first class was low stress and and quick to get through!

For Jason, October was the month of the SCIS Music Festival. Jason had been working very hard to prepare for this event.  The festival showcases all of the middle school muisc ensembles: guitar, percussion, choir, band, and orchestra.  For band, Jason invited retired Iowa band directors Jim Fritz and Leon Kuehner to guest direct the bands.  Jim, Leon and Leon’s wife Linda arrived to Shanghai the weekend before the festival.  On Saturday we went out to eat at Di Shui Dong for some good “Chinese” food!  Afterwords, they wanted to see the city so we took them to Captain’s Bar on the Bund.  10675734_10100832654011863_4776144092395674824_n

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Believe it or not, Jason and I actually have jobs here in Shanghai!  And due to these jobs, we are busy, well at least one of us!    Jason is always off doing something!   Since August he has been coaching cross country Monday, Tuesday, Thursday!  Thankfully, that just ended this last weekend!  Besides coaching, Jason is in a community Jazz band which rehearses on Tuesday nights. On Mondays Jason and I have been going to an ultimate frisbee league!   It’s been fun so far, besides getting yelled at by our ‘teammates’ and it’s great workout!  We’re on different teams so it’s allowed us to meet other people!  I’m not sure how I’ll feel when we have our games in late November….may be a bit chilly!

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