Phones, school, and more

Today was a very successful day! After venturing out at 8 am we went to find the school and fix our SIM cards! This sorta worked but using the phone was more difficult! After leaving school we went to find a pedestrian mall known as Golden Street but to our dismay, everything was closed. At this point it was 90° and we were hot! We went to a bakery with free wifi, ate, and FINALLY contacted our parents! We then went home!

Later We had to go back to school to deliver our passports and find Jason a new SIM card. Apparently my $50 worth of photos didn’t make the trip! We went to school ( about a 10 min walk) and met a lot of helpful ppl who gave us directions to a better cell phone provider! and we made dinner plans with the vice principal! After a long walk we finally got cell phones with 3G! Facebook is blocked here so for now we will be posting updates here or via Instagram! More later…exhausted!




One thought on “Phones, school, and more

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    Sounds like there is a lot to get used to. Reminded me of my first days in Nassau. The culture was alot slower other things as well, but fun to experience. Stay cool. Fan or Air at the apt.??
    Love to you both. Aunt Deb

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