Packing 2.0

Obviously when moving abroad for 2 years, packing can be stressful! I know, I know, people tell you to pack light, you’ll buy stuff there etc! But I’m spoiled and I Already got rid of 3/4 my possessions! Not only do you “need” clothes, shoes, toiletries, clothes, and more shoes ( having size 11 feet is stressful) you also need teaching supplies, teaching clothes, and for us musical instruments! My parents are currently off weighing my suitcases for the 2nd time! The first time one of my bags weighed 85lbs! Ha! So, After some delicious breakfast and researching weight limits, we re-packed some things into a 3rd suitcase! All of my stuff is over 50 lbs, but now, not over 70!

Jason on the other hand….his ONE SUITCASE weight 54lbs!!


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