We leave for China in two days.

Tonight Angela sent me a picture message that showed all of her luggage, packed and ready to go. Even though I have been stepping around my own pile of luggage for almost a week, the picture she sent made me really think to myself: “holy cow we are moving to China.” I am super excited, but I think I can speak for Angela when I say that we both are kind of sad, too. Ever since my freshman year at Luther College I have spent every summer away at Camp Shalom, so this July has been the longest stay in my childhood home since I was in high school. I have spent the month doing some awesome things, traveling with Angela some, and a lot of motorcycle and bicycle rides with my dad, and great mall walks and talks with my mom. The time spent with my family has been so priceless, but it makes leaving the country a little sad as well. I am very excited to have this great adventure with one of my greatest friends, and I am not so worried about the adventure of living in Shanghai as I am about starting a new job. I will be teaching high school band along with middle school guitar class. That is probably the luckiest job that anybody teaching abroad could imagine. Leaving New Hampton was one of the hardest decisions I have made, as that job was so enjoyable, and I hope that I find the same satisfaction in my new position. On Friday Angela and I will be heading to Chicago, and on Saturday morning I will board the second commercial flight I have ever been on. I am so excited!


One thought on “We leave for China in two days.

  1. Alicia says:

    I am excited for you guys! Good luck 🙂 Live it up!!! You don’t get chances like this often! I’m glad you both got to spend quality time with your families that you will always cherish! Be there for each other as you are both experiencing the same things. Fear, joy, excitement, regret, and happiness 🙂 Love you both! Looking forward to more of your postings!

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