The Bund, Insane Asylum Swan Lake, and Yu Yuan Garden. Great weekend.

Please notice that in honor of Joseph ‘Danger’ Putnam, this post contains no exclamation marks.

On Saturday morning, September 14, something incredible happened. Well not really, but Angela and I awoke and didn’t do anything, so that was pretty great. I recently joined a community jazz band, and we had our first gig on Saturday at 12:30PM. We played at the Ritz-Portman hotel, right outside. There was a fairly decent crowd, and the band is quite talented. I had only been to one rehearsal the Tuesday before, and my friend and co-worker Lee and I got really mixed up getting to rehearsal (I admit…mostly my fault) so I sight-read most of the performance. I really enjoyed myself, however. After that, it was time for Angela/Jason adventure time. Our ultimate destination for Saturday night was a ballet performance of Swan Lake in Pudong, which is the East side of the Huangpu River. Angela and I decided that we should make a day of it. So, we began our journey via the Subway line 10, which is quite close to our apartment.

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