ERA – Intersection of Time

The past week has been a long one. I always struggle a little bit when returning from a long break, and with the week off we just had, I almost forgot that I am living in China to work, not just travel and have fun. I don’t think that is very fair, but oh well. We started our week with a typhoon warning. I was expecting our building to eventually collapse, but the weather was not quite as destructive as I had imagined. We did end up with an incredible amount of rain on Monday and Tuesday, however. Our apartment is on the fifth floor, and so flooding is not something we ever have to worry about. My classroom at school is on the very top floor, so I assumed that I would not have to worry about that flooding either. I was very mistaken.

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Rain storm

Another week in Shanghai has ended!  Everything this week was pretty normal…I think!  Jason started playing in a community jazz band and had a rehearsal for that on Tuesday night!  I stayed in and researched info about our trip to Thailand!  On Wednesday we had Taco night!  It was yummy!  I was able to find all the ingredients (a little expensive) but it was delicious! I even splurged on some Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips!  YUM!  I even made homemade salsa!  It felt great to cook again!  And the tacos were delicious!  On Thursday night, Jason had back to school night for the high school, so I decided to go out for some drinks with my co-worker Sean and his bride to be Tiffany!  We went to the Shanghai Brewery!  They have a decent happy hour, delicious nachos and yummy thin crust pizza!  It was a fun night out! Continue reading