Shanghai Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

As of today we have 8 days of school left.  8 days!   Now before you continue reading, this post is written by me: Angela.  I’m not as poetic as Jason and  I tend to use a lot of exclamation points!  Read at your own risk.

In April and May our wonderful friends threw us Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.  We are so lucky to have amazing friends here in Shanghai!  Jason’s party was at the end of April and was pretty low key.  Our friend Ross designed awesome shirts for everyone to wear that included all the things Jason loved: Luther, Camp Shalom, Beer and Iowa.  They turned out great!


Dumplings and beer along with general shenanigans took place.  Below is a picture of Jason wearing a Transit Tiger onesie on the metro!


My party took place at the end of May and was put together by my friends Kat and Boramy. They were very sneaky and didn’t let me know any information about the party until the week before.  It turned out to be an 80s theme party.  I secretly love parties where you have to dress up and China is perfect for them.  No one really cares what you’re wearing!   Boramy and Kat showed up to my apartment on Saturday morning with a surprise outfit for me to wear.  I would be going as Madonna from Like a Virgin!   I totally loved my outfit!  It was comfortable and fun.


After getting ready and totally loving my friend Kat’s outfit (shes the one below in the pink wig), a small group of us went to brunch at Bull and Claw.  This was a nice surprise because it was somewhere I’d been wanting to check out.  The brunch was nice and included the option of free flow beer, sparkling wine or rose.  They also had a lot of lobster dishes which were delicious.


While at brunch I took a polaroid with each person.  Boarmy brought along fun crafting supplies for everyone to write me a little note or give advice.  I almost cried.  It was so thoughtful.  I can’t wait to see the final product!


After brunch we took a trip to the Mixin Roller Rink.  I was so excited because I had been wanting to check this place out since my first year in Shanghai.  The 80s theme really made the place more fun!  After paying 15rmb (less than $3)  you got really old skates  and unlimited skating.  Warning/Spoiler:  This place is dirty and gross.  Squat toilets in a sketchy back room and the decorations seem to be the same as when they opened.  Either way it was fun.  When we went to the roller rink there was a whole other group of people waiting to celebrate.


The roller rink was tons of fun and look at the outfits!  People went all out!  After a sweaty hour or two of skating we took the party to Shakespeare bar.  Below is a photo of all of the wonderful ladies celebrating with me ❤️ And yes those are shots!


It was such a fun day spent with wonderful people from all over the world.  Many thanks goes out to Boramy and Kat who organized the party during a very busy time of year!

That next Monday I had my music concerts, which were awesome.  At some point they will be uploaded online and you can watch them!   On Wednesday, the lower school staff had a surprise party for the teachers getting married this summer.  Our friends Katie and Dan are also getting married on July 16th!  They had Champagne and cupcakes and wonderful words of advice from students.


We are so fortunate  and thankful to have a wonderful work community and amazing friends here in Shanghai.


One thought on “Shanghai Bachelor/Bachelorette Party!

  1. glgriffin says:

    Angela & Jason,

    Thanks so much for sharing your lives vicariously. We here in Iowa (New Hampton) wish you all the best. You are both QUALITY people and Quality teachers.

    Will you return to China as Mr. & Mrs. . . . . .. or are you thinking back to the states?

    Gary Griffin

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