Thanksgiving year 2

I can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st day of December!  Holy cow, this year has gone fast!   Thanksgiving in Shanghai is always a fun time.  There is never a shortage of things to do.   This year we had 3, yes 3, Thanksgivings to attend!    Thanksgiving 1, was actually on Thursday,  at a restaurant called Captain Rooster.  Boramy, Austin (friend from UNI) and the GKs all joined for an all you can eat and drink extravaganza.  We love Captain Rooster, because they have amazing fried chicken and mac&cheese!  There turkey wasn’t bad either!   The place is pretty small and it was very busy.  Since it was still in the 60s we opted to sit outside!  However, by sitting outside, we got a little shorted on all the food!   They menu included: Turkey, green bean casserole, turkey pot pie, sweet potato casserole, mashed potato, stuffing mac and cheese, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and egg nog.  It was a lot of food and all tasted great!


After a nice working day on Friday, we had Friendsgiving hosted by Kat and Andrea. They ordered 2 turkeys from Kate and Kimi (a Shanghai online grocery store) and everyone brought sides.  I brought the mid-west favorite and standard: Broccoli salad.  I also made some Apple Pie Drink!  (Note to my mom:  You should use spiced rum instead of Vodka!  It’s better)   Jason had to eat and run, as he had a gig with his jazz band.


On Saturday, Jason and I ventured out to get a Christmas tree!  We didn’t get one last year but decided this year we should!  We went to the Hongqiao Bird and Flower market and soon found what all the talk was about.  Most stalls had some type of “holiday” plant.  Beautiful wreaths, poinsettias, garland, and tons of tress.  We ended up getting a small tree that is some type of evergreen/pine.  The best part was that they delivered it the same day and it came with a few ornements.  The market also had plenty of stores with holiday decorations!  We picked up some lights and various decorations before heading home.   Once the tree was delivered, we put on some Frank Sinatra Christmas tunes and started decorating and then headed out to the German Christmas Market.  We thought we could find some “unique” decorations; however, the market only had food and small gifts.  We had some mulled wine, polish sausages, and pretzels before heading home…..we still had one thanksgiving left!


My friend Boramy hosted a holdiay meal at her apartment on Saturday night.  We were both excited because Boramy had ordered HAM!  I think everyone was excited about HAM.  It as delicious.  She also made a bunch of deviled eggs, which are a favorite of mine!  We were so tired and full that we didn’t stay out too long.   Even though it’s only been 1 day, I am so happy that we decided to get a Christmas tree. It makes it feel like home.   Jason has his band concerts on Tuesday and Thursday and then I have my lower school concert the next week.  After that it’s almost vacation time!  15 school days!  Oh by the way:  We signed our contracts for a third year!   So looks like Shanghai will be our home for at least 1 more year!  Start planning your trip to come visit!


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