June is here!

We have arrived to our last month of our first year abroad!  We have been keeping busy with work and the city!  Two weeks ago I danced in the school dance production and it was amazing!  The performance was about the environment and the students and teachers did a great job.  It was so fun to dance with my fellow teachers and our dance was a hit!



This past week Jason had his band and guitar concerts and next week he will finish up the concert season with the Jazz Band concert!  I don’t have my concerts until June 10th and 12th! This is definitely the latest I’ve been in school!   Besides concerts and finishing up school things, Jason and I will be moving to our new apartment tomorrow!  We are excited to be in a new neighborhood and close to our friends who will also be moving.  We will definitely be down-sizing apartments but our location is great and our apartment is super cute!  It so happens to be right across from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music! We will definitely hear a lot of practicing!  Our apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 small office/room to store our bikes and luggage!  The kitchen and living room are open and there is an island cook top to use as our dining table.   All the furniture is brand new and we were able to get the sectional couch that we wanted!  Another plus is that the apartment has heated floors!




After moving and unpacking we have a house warming party for some friends near by and a beer festival to attend.  This weekend, along with the rest in June are packed with fun and exciting things!  Jason and I are looking forward to heading home for the summer.  We can’t wait to DRIVE, go fishing, biking and enjoy some home cooked meals!  And I can’t forget to mention the fresh air and blue skies!  It will be loads of fun!


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