August 16, sorry for the delay!!

Angela and I have both been very busy as this is the first week that we had students! I think we can say that we have been successful. The children are well behaved, and very nice. I also think I can speak for both of us when I say that we are really busy! I teach on an 8 day cycle, so every other day I see the same classes. We are on block schedule, but the classes also switch times throughout the 8 day cycle. For example: I had beginning band on Wednesday, day 1, first block. Today (Friday) I had beginning band for the second time, day 3, and it was second block. This will continue until beginning band happens at every time during the day. Crazy, right? I have to travel a lot for my classes, and that is the only thing that really stresses me out too much. I am used to being able to always be in one location, and so when I show up to the band room with students already present, I become flustered while searching for the materials I need. Luckily it is block, so a few minutes wasted at my inexperience is not so bad. Wednesday and Thursday was filled with name games, and answering questions. Today was the first day that I really did stuff – and I did a lot of music! High school band played, we ran through the guitar class book, and beginning band did a lot of note naming and rhythm practice. 

Wednesday Angela and I hosted a successful first day get together at our place. We had a huge majority of the new teachers show up! Thursday we decided to have an adventure after school to look for bicycles. We went to a big athletic store that many teachers suggested, but found the selection to be bad! After that we went to the trek store. Angela saw the first bike in the window, and suggested that I “just buy my dad’s bike”. A little too pricy I am afraid! I don’t know why we thought it would be any better, but we went next door to the Cannondale store and of course, that was even more pricy! Very nice bicycles though. I was hoping that we would find something really cheap that I could buy and mail back to the States (like a Cannondale tandem…?). Eventually we ended up at Carrefour, which is a local super store. They have a giant bicycle shop inside, and so I ended up with this beauty. Image

I have not ridden it much, because we still need to get Angela a bicycle! I decided to throw a few old pictures up for your enjoyment as well. They show the first dinner that we have home cooked, and a trip we took to the Pearl Market. This is where you buy fake purses and stuff. I don’t quite see that appeal, but you can also get very cheap clothing. Angela had three dresses tailored for a very good deal, and I saw a lot of fancy shoes. You have to barter, and I have not been brave enough for that yet.





One thought on “August 16, sorry for the delay!!

  1. Sam and Dave says:

    Angela is the queen of bartering! She’ll help you develop your skills. I’ve heard stories of her bartering with crazy Kathy… Looks like you guys are having fun!

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