We have Internet

It’s sad to think how much we rely on the Internet! But either way its awesome and we finally got it installed! We even have TV, but of course all the buttons are in Chinese and I’m terrified to push a button. Anyways, below is the blog I prepared about our flight to Shanghai, LAST WEEK! Time flies!

We Arrived to Hot Hot China! And it was SO much easier than expected! Our last flight from Seoul to Shanghai was delayed but with the hour time difference we still made it in decent time! Our first step was immigration/customs, and for some reason I was the most worried about this part! Thankfully it was easy, almost too easy! Immigration/quarantine was as simple showing our passports and looking into a camera! Done! Jason got stuck behind a family and had to wait a bit longer, so during that time I went to find our luggage! After I lifted 5 60 plus lbs bags into a row, Jason arrive and we loaded all of it onto two carts! Thats right folks, ALL of our luggage arrived! Next stop customs! Customs had 2 lines, and all we had to do was walk through, no check of luggage, no questions, simple and we were home free!

After walking by Chinese men asking us if we needed a hotel or a taxi, we found our pick up who was the High School principal and off we went to find our new apartment!

The Pudong airport, is about 40min outside of the city, it took a good 20 for it to seem like we were even in Shanghai! Where are the bright lights? But we did see from a distance the Shanghai Financial District! After lugging our things into a small elevator to floor 5, we arrived to our new apartment…..which is probably nicer than any apartments I’ve lived in. First of all, there are 3 bedrooms and 2 Full baths! 2 bedrooms have queen sized beds and closets and the third is empty! See the pictures below for the rest of the details! OH and we have a balcony! Our apartment also had a fruit basket, pb&j, milk, OJ, 2 plates, and water waiting for us! After making sure everything was ok. The principal gave us our moving packages and left!

Even though we’d been traveling for about 30 hours we didn’t feel that tired, so I started to unpack while Jason tried to figure out our phones! All we have really wanted to do was call famiy and friends and tell them we are here safe and sound! Unfortunately the SIM card for the iPhones is too big. I read before I left that most ppl have to cut the card in order for it to fit….which we did and it still isn’t recognizing it….we decided it was time to go to bed!


2 thoughts on “We have Internet

  1. Tonya says:

    So glad things have gone smoothly! Everyone says hello from the Hirsch family reunion! Grandma, Jill, and I wish we were there or you were here!


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