One more flight!

According to my iPad it is 7:26 p.m., and according to the airplane time, it is 9:30 am in Seoul! We decided to fly Asaiana Airlines. When I selected our seats, I made sure to pick the row with only 2 seats in it, which has been great! After receiving a hot towel and slippers, Jason and I enjoyed a some drinks while we browsed the movie selection! I 1st picked Les Mis, but after seeing some piss poor acting and singing, I browsed some more and settled for Agro! (Not to worry, there are still 8hrs left on this flight…I’m planning to watch Wreck it Ralph as well! ). Next came meal 1! We both picked the Korean option, Bibimbap , which was delicious!


After waiting in line for the WC, I found cute little toothbrush packets in the bathroom! The plane is getting darker now, Jason is sleeping and I’m exhausted! I should probably sleep! Be back later!

3am Iowa time, and thankfully only 2hrs left on this flight! We were served a small hot sandwich as a snack and our 2nd meal wasn’t anything special! Jason and I both got some “sleep” but are still very tired and sore! Im crossing my fingers that our connection flight to Shanghai will be close by, as we both are tired, but either way we should be good on time!
Our last flight, FINALLY! The Seoul airport is very nice! And free wifi! 20 min until we board!


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