Angela and I spent the final Saturday of our October holiday exploring Nanxiang, which is an old river town in the outer reaches of Shanghai. The major draw was that Nanxiang is the supposed birthplace of great dumplings. Or maybe a special kind of dumpling. Either way, there were a ton of dumpling shops. Once we arrived at the Nanxiang metro stop on line 11, we went into a Starbucks to get some coffee and figure out where the old town was. Starbucks is a rare sight in China, so we take advantage of the special times that we find them. Sometimes we have to travel further than a block to find one, which is very disconcerting. You can read all about how extremely rare Starbucks is becoming here.

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Floating Down The Mighty Shuangxi River

This weekend was an exceptionally eventful weekend for us Iowans in China. On Friday Angela and I had musical pit rehearsal after school, so we did not get home until a little before 6:00 PM. We went out to a great local dumpling restaurant just down the street with a big group of friends, and even got one basket of dumplings for free, as the owner seemed to be enjoying us. Afterwards, we wandered into the park right next to our apartment complex. There is social dancing in this park every single night, and Angela and I have been here a few times before. On Friday night, we took turns dancing with one another, and I even got to dance with an older Chinese woman named Ms. Lee. Her English was very good, and she told us she taught Chinese. One of the new teachers got her phone number so that we might call her for lessons someday.

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